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Doukyuusei Climax Uncensored

55.89K Views0 Comments

SynopsisA sequel of Doukyuusei...

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland Uncensored

1.83K Views0 Comments

SynopsisMiyuki, a cute girl, is in over her head. When late for school, she is suddenly transported to another world (Alice In Wonderland style), except that all the inhabitants of the other world are female...and they a...

Golden Boy Uncensored

49.82K Views0 Comments

SynopsisKintarou Oe doesn't look like it, but he is a genius who completed all his university courses and then quit before graduating. He becomes a wandering student, going from place to place on his bicycle, seeking to ...

Bakuretsu Hunters Uncensored

8.73K Views0 Comments

SynopsisIn the continent of spooner, sorcerers, who are the continent's aristocrats, have begun to abuse their powers. Under the guidance of Big Momma (their boss) Carrot (who turns into a giant monster every time he's p...